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How Jim got started as a Realtor.  
In 1991, Jim was a real estate attorney at Baker & McKenzie.  During his practice, he saw the need for home buyers to receive better advice and have someone focus on protecting their interests as buyers.  Jim started the concept of Buyer's Agency.  This innovation changed the real estate industry. 

Over the past 25 years, Jim set the standard for the true role of an experienced Buyer's Agent and Listing Agent.  His background as a real estate attorney/CPA, his 25 years as a Realtor, and his experience as a home builder, uniquely qualify him to provide the advice and guidance home buyers and home sellers need and deserve.

Jim's Background

  • Licensed Illinois Attorney
  • Certified Public Accountancy exam passed
  • Former Real Estate Attorney at Baker & McKenzie
  • Former KPMG Accountant
  • Notre Dame Undergraduate Business Accounting Major
  • University of Illinois College of Law
  • Founder of the concept of Buyer's Agency
  • 25 Years as a local Realtor
  • Home renovation experience
  • Luxury home construction experience
  • Extensive professional negotiation expertise  
  • Married 33 years with 5 children 

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